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Explore the majestic beauty of Royal Deeside. Visit Balmoral Castle, enjoy the charm of the picturesque village of Ballater and experience the stunning landscapes of the River Dee.

Indulge in a guided exploration of 55 miles of dramatic Cliff-face, Golden sandy Beaches and Idyllic Harbours. Castles, Nature Reserves and picturesque Fishing Villages await on one of the top 20 most iconic coastlines in the world.

Experience the breathtaking coastal landscapes of Moray. Charming seaside villages like Cullen give way to the Historic Harbour of Portsoy along with the Geological Wonder of Bow Fiddle Rock. A True taster of North East Scotland.

Our Commitment

At Scotland – a Path Less Known, we are passionate about showcasing the beauty and heritage of Aberdeenshire and the North East of Scotland. Our STGA trained guides are dedicated to providing an immersive and unforgettable experience, from exploring historic landmarks to savoring local flavors. We are committed to offering small group tours that are not only enriching but also foster a deep connection with the stunning landscapes and rich culture of this region.



“Our trip with Jamie was entertaining, educational and we would do it again in a heart beat. Our guide was so friendly and knowledgeable. It felt like we were being shown around the stunning area by an old friend we had not see in a long time.”


“We had the best day on this tour! Jamie was a wonderful guide! He took us all around Aberdeenshire and we learned a ton about the city as well as the shire, the estates, and the people and History. We truly felt like we got a very immersive and expansive tour and we learned SO much!”


“Our driver/guide Jamie was fantastic! He is so knowledgeable about the area of Aberdeenshire. We passed through some very beautiful countryside, ample time at Balmoral, and even had extra time to stop at this beautiful Victorian bridge adjacent to the old railway that has been turned into a walking and cycling path. A great day!”

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